The Boat Targa Top or T-Top

The boat targa top or sometimes called a Tinnie Targa Top, fits most any fishing boat across the width and attached to the side decks that  hold the frame in which the cover top is fastened. The targa top can be adapted to fit anywhere along the length of the boat, to be located wherever it is most convenient for the angler.

The targa top will fit onto several aluminum braces that are fastened to the sides of the boat and are long enough to attach the canvas top at the ends, above the head of the fisherman. They braces are tall enough so that the angler can stand up and fish if it is desired to do so.


Typical Targa – if you would like to build one of these CLICK HERE

The way that the bracing is arranged is so that there is plenty of moving around room to maneuver the rod and reel when fishing, as there is nearly a 360 degree range of motion, with the exception of the actual braces unlike a bimini top which has legs, brackets and straps, that can hinder the fisherman at times. There is a total range of vision and there are no restrictions.

Think of any open cockpit boat with a folding aluminum frame that can be folded back down against the rear of the boat while traveling, and then when stopping to fish, raising the frame and at the very top is a canvas awning cover to offer shade from the sun, and protection from the rain.

The boat t-top will fit any boat that is of medium to small size where the frame can be attached to the side of the boat to hold the targa in place. The high quality aluminum braces are procured and cut to fit, so that the top can be fit on them and held in place with Velcro loops. The aluminum braces are held in place by locking struts, that are unlocked and bend when the top is put down for traveling or the passengers wish to get more sun.

The t-top makes a day less stressful when riding on a sunny day. It provides enough shade to cool the area that the passengers are riding in a full 10 degrees because it is all shade.

When fishing a quiet spot, the targa top keeps the angler in the shade, and that can be a welcome experience when it is hot outside. It is so much easier to fish when it is cooler, rather than when the sun is beating down upon you.

Many boats come equipped with the targa top already rigged and installed. It folds back to an arrangement that is flat against the deck, until it needs to be used on a sunny or rainy afternoon. There are different sized tops for different sized boats, designed to meet different needs. The design of the top is only limited to the imagination and the design of the boat.

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